2014-05-18: We will start taking Wiikey U preorders in the next week!

A lot has happened recently and we are now confident to launch Wiikey U! You can look forward to other exciting WiiU news in the coming weeks...

2013-07-24: 3k3y loading homebrew and backups on Super Slim PS3!

Our friends from the PS3Key Team posted a video showing the 3k3y Optical Drive Emulator running homebrew and backups on the Super Slim PS3 model!

2013-07-15: Wiikey U update

Its been a while and we have been hard at work at the Wiikey U hardware. WiiU encrypts the data sent from the drive with AES-CBC-128. We have now fully integrated an AES core into the FPGA and it is operating at the same speed as the drive. We've had a setback with another component though, and we are now testing alternatives. Hopefully we will have another update in a few more weeks.

A few lines of code...

"Nintendo is aware that a hacking group claims to have compromised Wii U security," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "However, we have no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode."

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WiikeÜ - Its True!


Wiikey also works on Gamecube!

Emu_kidid, Ashen and Zenloc, together with the rest of the community, has managed to get Wiikey to work with Gamecube!

They have made a nice  showing Wiikey in action on Gamecube. So after 6 years there is finally a successor to our legacy products Qoob Lite, Qoob Pro, and Xeno GC!

The history of Xeno GC @ has posted an interesting article about one of our legacy
products, Xeno GC. You can read the full story here.

XenoGC source code released

Our friends over at has recently published the source
code for one of our legacy products, Xeno GC. This chip went out of
production in 2008, and it makes us very happy to see that it still has
a strong following!

Wiikey Update Released!

This update should fix the problem loading DVD backups. 

Wiikey Update Released!

Today we have released Wiikey update which partially fixes an issue that causes the Mii/Photo channel to crash on some Wiis when no SD card is present. With this update, all Wiis should now work as long as SD card or DVD is present. This will be completely resolved in the upcoming firmware update. Various other minor bugfixes and improvements have been included in this release and we recommend that everyone upgrades.

Updates galore! Wiikey  and WBFS Manager 4.0 now available!

Good news for those of you who have emailed us asking about GC support on SD card in Wiikey. The popular WBFS Manager application has now been updated to version 4.0 and includes full support for adding GC images to SD cards formatted with the WBFS filesystem. Because of the way it does this, a minor update to Wiikey has also been necessary.

Wiikey Recovery Image released

To help users who have had a bad flash while upgrading their Wiikey (ie: if the power went out in the middle of updating).

This update provides the same firmware update as the regular Wiikey Update v1.2 released on 8th June, but it runs in recovery mode. Use this only if you are unable to apply the regular v1.2 update. Be sure to read the readme.txt instructions carefully before installing, as it requires more steps than a regular Wiikey update.

Wiikey update 1.2 released!

Hot on the heels of the 1.1 update last week, we have just released v1.2 of the Wiikey code. This update fixes a few bugs that some users have been experiencing: namely a bug causing some DVDs not to eject when the eject button is pressed and another bug causing the flash update to fail/freeze is the SW3 dip switch is accidentally in the OFF position. This update also makes some improvements to the alignment of the selection menu cursor.

Wiikey  - initial feedback received!

As the first orders of Wiikey  made their way to end users this week, we have been encouraged to receive lots of positive feedback on the performance of this new chip. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying it so much, and it really means a lot when people take the time to email us and tell us this!

As well as all of the positive feedback, we have also received reports of a few small bugs relating to some DVD and SD functions. We are currently working on these and hope to have an update available within a few days. As promised, updates for Wiikey will be made available as downloads which can be copied onto SD card, with no additional hardware required to apply the update.

Wiikey  Shipping This Week!

After an admittedly long delay, Wiikey will begin shipping this week, so our distributors will begin to receive stock as of early next week. Please be patient when dealing with your point of sale -- Wiikey ales have been astronomically high, so each distributor will have a lot of backorders to deal with.

The main reason for the delay in releasing Wiikey has been due to the perfecting of some great additional features, most notably WBFS and the "softcore" system. Having a softcore means that the only part of the chip that could ever possibly need a JTAG update is a very small portion of initial FPGA code. Everything else (the majority of the code) is in the softcore, which can be updated by SD card.

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience and support while Wiikey was perfected. We hope that you will enjoy it!

WBFS Support Confirmed for Wiikey 

Following requests from end users and distributors, we are pleased to confirm that WBFS support will be included in Wiikey.

WBFS is a file system especially developed for storing Wii backups which compresses the games to a smaller size, meaning that several games can be stored on one SD card.

This will be done with the existing Wiikey hardware that has already been developed. We are very happy with this acheivement and will make a further announcement about the final release date in due course.

Final hardware image released

The more observant visitors to the Wiikey site will probably have noticed that we have just updated the image of Wiikey on the large graphic at the top of the homepage. This new image represents the final hardware revision of Wiikey which has now gone into mass production.

Wiikey Final Beta Testing in Progress

On Friday evening, beta samples of Wiikey were sent out to all of our distributors. Assuming that no major issues are reported over the next week, the launch of Wiikey will be happening very soon!

Wiikey Feature List Released

The feature list for Wiikey has now been updated in the Wiikey section. Samples will shortly be sent out to our distributors for testing in preparation for the upcoming launch.

Wiikey Progress Update

Wiikey, as many will know, has been the buzz of the Wii modding community for several months now. This revolutionary new way to mod a Wii to enable backups to be played from SD card has caused a lot of excitement and anticipation. At the same time, a lot of people have emailed us to voice their frustration over how long its taking.

When we first announced Wiikey  back in September 2009, we did not think that it would take quite this long to launch. Initially, we had October 2009 as a preliminary launch date. However, introduction of a new protections in the form of a previously unused DI command (BCA read) in a recently released game forced us to reconsider the Wiikey architecture. While implementing BCA read emulation is quite straightforward there are several other Wii/Gamecube specific commands that potentially could be used in future protections.

As a result of what we discovered, we basically scrapped 4 months work and set about creating a brand new architecture which supports reading game-specific DI command handlers from games on DVD and SD card.

We're pleased to announce that this work is nearing completion, and that we're looking to begin shipments of Wiikey during January.

We'd like to thank everyone who gave us their support and trust from day one with this product. Without you, Wiikey would not have become a reality.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!

To celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, we have chosen to donate the money that we would usually have used to a charitable project. This doesn't mean sending a quick wire transfer to Unicef, though. The project was independently identified and commissioned by members of the team and the progress, including exactly how the money is being used, is being closely monitored. If you have purchased a Wiikey product this year, you have helped to make this project a reality! 

Wiikey Announced!

The Wiikey Team is pleased to announce Wiikey , a revolutionary new modchip with SD card capabilities. The release date is planned for sometime during October. Further details will be announced as they become available.

Wiikey 2 stocks now fully replenished!

After a long and uneasy period whereby Lattice chips (the main component in Wiikey 2) were difficult to get hold of, we are pleased to say that we are now on top of the situation and that stock levels have returned to normal. Most of our official distributors have placed new orders already, so you should not find any resellers out of stock of Wiikey 2 anymore!

Wiikey 2 can now been installed with 6 wires

After a thorough testing phase, we are pleased to confirm that Wiikey 2 can now be installed with just 6 wires on D2C, D2C-2 and D2E. This applies to all Wiikey 2 chips with a yellow serial number sticker on the back. Chips with a white serial number sticker should be installed using 9 wires. The installation guide in the resources section has been updated to reflect this.

Please note that there are no other differences between the white-sticker and yellow-sticker chips. Both are Wiikey v2.0. Only the wire-count has been changed for the chips with the yellow sticker. DMS, D2B and D2B should still be installed with 5 wires.